Digital transformation has affected every industry. It is playing a vital role in the retail sector as well. Digitization is data driven and key to making more informed decision. ST.BARTHS Technologies Ltd uses this power of data to your organization’s advantage. We interpret the consumers’ behavior and extract value that will shape your business strategies. We offer IT solutions for the Retail Industry to drive the digital transformation, modernize the in-store experience, improve efficiency through disruptive technologies like mobility, big data, cloud, IoT and more.

We understand that retailing value chain includes (brand) manufacturers, institutional retailers, and consumers and the importance of connecting all of them to accelerate your business growth.We have partnered with retail companies to revamp customer interactions, build the digital stores of the future, increase customer engagement through mobility for retail and streamline the supply chain.ST.BARTHS Technologies Ltd. retail solutions provide holistic support to retailers around the world to deliver on their brand promise and operate more effectively.

Some of the benefits of digital transformation for retail are:

  • Easier connection with customers

Communicating with customers are easier by using a variety of contact channels — from websites and social media accounts to mobile applications and chatbots.

  • Smooth operations

Using the cloud technologies, the external and internal operations can improve significantly. Automating the manual task helps to improve the time utilizations of employees.

  • Convenience

The digital tools powered by AI make the business process convenient and enhance both the employee and customer experience. Also, retailers can sell their products with websites and mobile applications and social media.

  • Higher revenue

Retailers can go global in no time. Digital transformation is the key tool for generating higher revenue by giving businesses the chance to reach a wider target audience.

  • Better customer experience

The core goal of digital transformation is to give customer higher quality service. Digitization of your business allows employees to be more productive, making service quicker and more efficient. The entire concept of digital transformation is to understand customers and help them find exactly what they need at the right time.

ST. BARTHS offers the following services of Retail Technology:

Retail Consulting

Consulting to identify business improvements and define the solutions for business problems and provide integrated retail planning solutions.

Retail Software Development

Retail technology solutions for omnichannel and personalized shopping experience across connected channels.

Integration with Third-party Systems

Seamless integration of custom applications with systems such as ERP, supply chain, E-Commerce platform and others.

Mobile Solutions for Consumers & Retailers

Increase store efficiency while providing highly engaging customer experience, including handheld payment devices and mobile-enabled retail software solutions.