Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is the leading provider of cloud infrastructure. This cloud computing platform is open, flexible and enterprise-grade to meet all of our business needs and accelerate your business growth. While maintaining the underlying infrastructure Azure allows you to build, deploy and manage apps more quickly and easily.

At ST.BARTHS Technologies Ltd, with the help of Azure service we help to reduce data storage costs, streamline workflows and enhance decision-making capabilities. Every business has different needs in terms of data storage, application development and resource management. Our experienced developers know the trick how to successfully integrating Azure as per your exact organization’s capabilities and services. Our agile managed services allow you to continuously evolve, using the very latest Azure releases and orchestrate them as part of a healthy, highly visible and intelligently optimized multi-cloud environment. Multi-Cloud Transformation Service enables you to discover, migrate and modernize your legacy applications on to Azure with complete confidence. We understand that the move to the cloud is often complex. Our proven methods, trusted solutions and accredited experts can guide you through your entire Azure-based modernization.


Design and architect a secure, fit for purpose Azure foundation, so that Azure services can be utilized in confidence.


Assess, plan and action the migration of workloads to Azure utilizing our Multi-Cloud Transformation Services.


Keep control of workloads on Azure with Multi-Cloud Managed Services and the tools to orchestrate Azure through a single pane of glass.


Partner with our specialist in digital technology to help drive business innovation and co-create success.