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Internet Of Things (IOT) App Development

Internet of Things (IOT) describes the connections of everyday products or machines to the internet enabling collection and exchange of data. IOT has given life to the mundane devices by merging them with digital intelligence. Technological innovations have made it possible to connect anything to the internet remotely, from as small as your door bell to as big as an entire city. The possibilities from IOT are infinite and range from maximizing comfort to increasing efficiency. With IOT the industry is going through another digital transformation that will be smarter and faster than ever before by connecting everything to everyone.

We at ST. BARTHS Technology Ltd provide IOT services to businesses with a real-time look into how their systems work and offer comprehensive IOT services and solutions, ranging from developing product architecture, integrating platforms and firmware to support and maintenance. 

IOT offers several benefits to organizations and gives an idea to improve business strategies. At ST. BARTHS Technology Ltd we provide the following services:

  • Monitor overall business processes
  • Improve decision-making with augmented intelligence
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Save time and money
  • Enhance employee productivity
  • Integrate and adapt the business model
  • Make better business decisions
  • Generate more revenue
  • Develop, design, deploy and manage end to end IOT processes
  • Integrate IOT solutions with existing enterprise architecture
  • Connected devices and decreased manpower
  • Easy technological solution for complex business problems
  • Simplifies business operations
  • Technology to easily reach more target an audience

Why we are focusing on IOT

As we speak IOT is shaking up the business world accelerating at God speed. You may not realise but almost all aspects of our lives produce data. Be it your smart watch sending data of your step counts to the smartphone in your pocket hence showing your exact location, be it your shopping habits or even your preferred hobbies; the use of these data in the business world with IOT technologies is huge. IOT generates a behavior pattern enabling your organization to understand customers habits and preferences and how they use your products, assisting you to better understand how to fulfil customers’ needs and improve their experience.

  1. BARTHS Technologies Ltd, a leading IOT application development company based in the UK produce IOT solutions information that can be stored in the cloud platforms and can be accessed to connect equipment in manufacturing, aviation, the supply chain, agriculture, healthcare and many other industries. For all types of organizations this has enormous strategic and operational potential. It allows smart industries and enterprises to deliver connected experiences by connecting assets, services and logistics operations.
    We mainly focus on the below-mentioned areas:

Smart Living

IOT touches every industry including businesses within Healthcare, Wearable, Security and more which are tackled across our site to promote a healthier, happier and safer environment.

Smart Industries

Mainly focused on energy, utilities, manufacturing and agriculture offers multiple benefits to unlock the true potential of your industry while facilitating a sustainable development.

Smart Enterprises

With connected IOT assets, smart enterprises such as Smart Homes, Buildings, Offices or Retail Spaces can translate to better operations for an organization on the way to drive business growth.