Enterprise App Solutions

Enterprise app solutions for digital success

Need a solid technology foundation for your enterprise? Are uncoordinated software and mobile apps impeding employee productivity and stressing them out? Leverage our two-decade-long experience and rich expertise in custom enterprise application development, modernizing legacy systems, and consolidating application portfolios to embark on your digital transformation journey.

ST.BARTHS Technologies Ltd. always keeps pace with innovative technologies to deliver value-adding enterprise software applications.

The latest tech offers many crucial benefits to your organization, from reliable automation with machine learning and AI to secure and futuristic infrastructure with IoT, and more.

Based on the experience of working on multiple enterprise-grade business transformation projects combined with unparalleled technical expertise, ST.BARTHS UK has built some award-winning solutions accelerators that are helping businesses achieve faster time-to-market, improved efficiency, and enhanced customer experience.

Why we are focusing on enterprise app solutions

Our team partners with the organization for the entire Life-Cycle Application projects taking on total responsibility for the Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, and Integration of systems. With sufficient experience across all the important Industries, we are experts in providing Mobile App Design and Development solutions to overcome the extremely challenging IT issues. Our Mobile app prototyping development services building process is highly extensive, right from the sketches to the user interface, we build a prototype of every element that will be integrated into the final product.

Our Enterprise App Solutions and services are devised to smoothen the enterprise processes, making them the industry’s leaders..

App Strategy and Consulting

We help businesses identify processes which would get more streamlined and ultimately more profitable through mobility.

Mobile Application Development

We develop Enterprise Application Architecture for SMEs and Enterprises, which are efficient to handle all the present day challenges that the business is facing and is scalable enough to grow as the business grows.

User Experience Design

The design standard that we rely on for your Enterprise Mobile App Development process is one that promotes a quick in and out time for the users while making the app easy to use when there’s a time crunch.

Modernization of Legacy Application

We provide scalable legacy application modernization service which optimizes your business’s operations, lowers disruption, and betters your employees’ productivity.

Mobile Application Security

We understand how important it is to have a hack-proof ecosystem for a mobile app that revolves around millions of user data.

Mobility Business Integration Services

We prepare your app to be integrated with your current processes and software. The learnability curve that our app comes with is the lowest in the industry, making it extremely easy for your team to get acquainted with the app and avail huge benefit in least possible time.