Education & Learning

Education & Learning

ST.BARTHS Technologies Ltd. a leading educational app development company is helping to build e-learning solutions and transform the education industry.

We provide diverse e-learning software solutions to change the shape of learning and knowledge sharing for all stakeholders such as educational institutions, education content providers, corporate training centers as well as e-learning software vendors.

Our e-learning software developers provide solutions right from K12, graduation to employment in the workforce. 

At ST.BARTHS UK, we drive change with technology and assist educational institutions to gain competitive advantage through learning management solutions. With a complete focus on innovation, our services range from business and technology strategy to enterprise-level applications as well as emerging platform solutions.

ST. BARTHS education & learning software solutions

Virtual Classroom

We provide expertise in Virtual classroom, one of the latest concepts in the eLearning industry to save resources in terms of investments, time, and manpower. Our solutions are focused to improve concentration, accountability & boost deliverables.

Distance Learning Programs

Robust technology solutions to revolutionize the education sector and benefit people deprived of education and wish to access the best online education as the way to learn remotely without being in face-to-face contact with a teacher in classroom settings.

Online Training

ST.BARTHS Technologies Ltd. Online training solutions can redefine the entire training process – the way educational organizations, universities, and institutions deliver learning solutions. Our eLearning solutions transfer to every industry (from retail to healthcare) and training, especially with the application of technology.

Education Games

Our education gaming app solutions aim to foster creative thinking, make learning simpler, increase collaboration, and inculcate innovative thinking methods of learning while playing. Right from the initial stage, developing a design approach to outlining all the aspects of the development, we can build an education app to help learn with fun.

Corporate Training

Build enterprise Mobility Solutions for the Education industry for corporate training, taking into account several aspects of enterprise-grade eLearning implementation.