Catalog Digitization

How digitization fuses furniture and technology

It is clear that furniture production and also the furniture trade are undergoing a profound change as a result of digitalisation. On the other hand, it is less obvious that, on the one hand, more and more technology is being packed into the furniture itself as a result of digitalisation. And on the other hand, completely new pieces of furniture are being created that did not exist before in this form and with these functions. We can present some interesting approaches that show how digital change enriches the world of furniture.

Get started with Product Digitalization

Today you are most certainly facing customers with higher demands for digitalization – whether you work in B2B or B2C. 
The sales department brings back requests from ‘the field’. The same goes for marketing, your suppliers, partners and other stakeholders. So naturally, it would be of great value to you and your colleagues to have one place to store all your product data and every marketing and information material connected to that specific product. 

Photo shoot alternative

This image is an example of an exterior image created with a high end model and a location that would not be easily accessible in the real world.

Are we a good fit ?

This service is best suited to companies that are looking to make dramatic changes to the way product data is managed and put it to use across the company’s internal structures.

How to get started?

Get in contact with one of our Product Digitilization experts to learn more about how to get started.

Where to use the models?

The short answer is: anywhere and everywhere. We mean it when we say we offer “endless visual possibilities”. That’s why we create both high end and low poly versions. You need to have the right starting point for your 3D journey. Usually, you start with a high end model, because it is easier to convert to a low poly model than the other way around. 

Why 3D modeling is right fit for you?

3D modeling is the ideal fit for many companies within many lines of business. Our experience tells us that some of the reasons people prefer 3D are:

– it can illustrate heavy/complex/expensive products without any installation needed

– it ensures you are ready to go to market when you planned – or sooner

– you can illustrate complex products and their functions because you can show the product from the outside, inside or while it’s doing its job

– it can be an alternative to expensive photoshoots with many parties and uncertainties involved

– in 3D, there is no bad weather (unless that’s what you want), no flight expenses, no one sick on the day set up for the photo shoot. All uncertainties are gone. 

Why 3D with us ?

With 25+ years of experience, we’re able to give you the models you need right now. And we can also help predict what you will need in the future to make sure you choose the right fit for you now that will benefit you in years to come. 

What’s next?

Read more about high end and low poly modeling on this page or reach out to us so we can help you find the right fit for your needs.

Current challenges in organisations documentation

Leading companies  are often dumped with huge manual work due to the lack of digitization. This creates a huge backlog in their productivity as they struggle to expedite their work. Also, different stakeholders involved in a project do not work on a centralized system and therefore do not interact or exchange information with the rest of the participants. The absence of a single, centralized platform to collaborate and exchange information across different stakeholders in the organization is the result of lack of digitization.

Our digitization services

We, at ST.BARTHS UK, have a wide range of tools, technology, resources, and expertise to transform paper records/manuscripts in various formats into a standardized digital form. We offer a full range of document digitization services and have catered to a number of prestigious customers worldwide.


Book scanners that can scan up to A1 size, Flatbed Scanners, Book Scanners with V cradle (for delicate books), ADF Scanners, and Microfilm, Microfiche & Aperture Card Scanners.


Our perfect combination of technology and expertise enables us to scan from a wide variety of sources to any type of image format.

Advantages of document digitization

Paper records and log books are fast becoming redundant in corporate and government offices. Offices are increasingly looking at the electronic maintenance of records that has the potential to improve workflow drastically. Document digitization offers easy access and retrieval of any official record; while at the same time reduces the need for physical storage space for files.

  • Ease of availability of information through digital platforms
  • Data is easy to access, retrieve, track, update, close and use
  • Reduced manual intervention increases security & reduces errors
  • Data authenticity is better preserved due to digital encryption
  • Enables lifelong preservation of business-critical data
  • Acceleration of the work process and business operations
  • Consolidation of decentralized data on a single platform
  • Reduces the risks of counterfeiting of sensitive documents

Our key differentiators


Digitized records can be retrieved for reference or access within a reasonable period.


The retrieved file always correctly reflects the original record.


The letters, numbers, and symbols in the document are uniquely identifiable.


The records can be opened on an accessible program and easily read by authorized users.


The electronic record reflects the initial record every time it is accessed.


The electronic record correctly reflects the input of creators/ editors and can be substantiated if required.

Our accomplishments in document digitization

  • We have been successfully involved in the digitization of students’ data and examination records for top educational Boards and Universities globally.
  • Indexing, scanning and archiving of manuscripts for national archives and genealogy companies, libraries, and other global repositories of historical content.
  • Our scanning services have benefited a number of valued customers across the world which include several European Government Agencies.