Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence solutions for digital success

Artificial intelligence is the intelligence demonstrated by machines that are already impacting how users interact with and are affected by the Internet. Business leaders today are using AI to predict our buying behavior and are looking for better ways to optimize operations, expedite growth, and automate to create value, so it helps us to manage our day. 

At ST.BARTHS Technologies Ltd., we are concentrating on Artificial Intelligence to identify areas of opportunity, deliver insight to solve complex problems, drive innovation, and help us to get things done. We have understood its true potential and just like other technologies we generate breakthrough innovation beyond the limits of human imagination, quickly testing and refining to eliminate decision-making guesswork to stay ahead of the market.

From collecting data and piloting the first project to scaling AI initiatives and operationalizing end-to-end intelligence, we are giving enough scope to developers to build the next generation AI products for different clients. 

AI robotic operations tablet

Artificial Intelligence is the engine that drives the company’s transformation for the digital era, ST.BARTHS Technologies Ltd. enabled it to move beyond basic auditing and accounting to becoming a strategic business adviser to its clients. Everyone depends on ‘Artificial Intelligence’ for their small requirements in daily life, for example: when we order something from an online shopping app, Siri asks for directions, we contact customer support via mail or ticket for any help, we get a fashion recommendation or to refer a friend in any social media app, the list goes on.

Why are we focusing on artificial intelligence?

Customers are rapidly saying goodbye to impulse control as new software platforms that drive E-commerce websites create innovative visual search capabilities. AI can focus on specific customer needs, personal buying behaviours, as well as preferred channels of interaction and in case an unhappy customer is about to unsubscribe from your service, Artificial Intelligence can send out signals in advance to help you retain the customer.

We know how important it is to understand the customer’s requirements while making critical business decisions. Keeping that in mind, we provided an analytics platform informed by AI to industry to improve customer experience. We believe in customer’s satisfaction that gives businesses a much better return than having to constantly find new customers. 

As companies continue to generate more comprehensive customer profiles to better understand each individual customer, Artificial Intelligence can capture signals that your team might miss and can find correlations and sentiments in customer data. 

Artificial Intelligence is enabling shoppers to discover complimentary products whether it is size, color, shape, fabric, or even brand as well as finding matching products. With AI, you can create a personal shopping assistant for your customers and assist them to find their product, style preference they desire. 

Based on this real-time information, you can target customers who are more likely to buy your products. Creating an online shopping assistant with AI, it will help you eliminate much of the researching process and bring you closer to your customers.