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Your business will change forever with our innovative services.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has changed over time, but at the core there has always been the idea of building machines which are capable of thinking like humans.


We,have a wide range of tools, technology, resources, and expertise to transform paper manuscripts in various formats into a standard digital form.


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ST.BARTHS Technologies Ltd. is a digital services platform offering a wide range of business solutions within the digital landscape. ST.BARTHS Technologies Ltd. is situated in London, UK, a leading software development company that provides meaningful, innovative products with e-commerce services for digital growth.

We leverage a range of disruptive solutions such as Big Data, Machine Learning, Mobile App Development, App Design, etc. Positioned as “ST.BARTHS Technologies Ltd.”, our capabilities span across digital business solutions, infrastructure management, and security services. We deliver these services across global industry sectors, such as eCommerce, banking, retail, health care, real estate, NGO, and travel and transportation, etc.



£260 month
  • 10 hrs per month
  • > 1 year seniority
  • Communication - Slack
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£509 month
  • 20 hrs per month
  • > 3 year seniority
  • Communication - Slack
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Startup Smart

£718 month
  • 30 hrs per month
  • > 3 year seniority
  • Communication - Slack
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My experience with ST.BARTHS UK was unique from many of my experiences hiring people in development fields. I have been using ST.BARTHS UK for long, and I have to admit this, it transforms my business in all the possible ways.

Matt Higgins

Unicoin Ltd.

I am thrilled to let you know that I have signed on as the Technical Co-Founder.I should say how ST.BARTHS UK experts go the extra mile to support me and this helps me to progress in my career.

Robert Chambers

Swipe Ltd.

It was a fantastic experience to work with ST.BARTHS UK. I expected and demanded a lot of you for the SEO of my website, and you exceeded my expectations. It was easy to work with ST.BARTHS UK from the start.

Tasha Ingram

Long term partner.

ST.BARTHS Technologies Ltd. is a fast-growing company that is looking to connect all of our existing software and simplify our marketing and sales process. That's how we have found ST.BARTHS UK. I am satisfied.

Flora Wilson

Happy client.